Master COIP - Clínica Dental Peydro Herrero en Valencia

Master COIP


The most advanced program in digital Orthodontics and Invisible Orthodontics

Master COIP is an international course where doctors from all over the world attend to learn the way we plan and design our clinical cases with Invisible Orthodontics to get outstanding results.

Dr Diego Peydro is Invisalign Diamond Doctor and has trained more than 10.000 from from all over the world in the most advanced techniques of invisible Orthodontics.

Master COIP is a program that will multiply your Career to a new standard of Success.


  • Learn to diagnose, plan and treat all the malocclusions. Even the most complex cases
  • Offer Invisalign with a total guarantee of success and the firm knowledge that the most demanding treatment objectives will be met.
  • You will be seen as an expert in the Invisalign technique.
  • Your professional career will grow to new standard of success
  • You will multiply by hundreds, the number of patients that you treat with invisible orthodontics.
  • Your reputation and status as a Doctor that specializes in the Invisible techniques will increase.
  • Stand out from the competition by treating the most complicated malocclusions instead of only the easiest cases.
  • Significantly increase the profitability of your business, making the investment you make in the course the best you will have ever made in your professional career.

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