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The most powerful E-learning tool in your hands

Dear Doctor, First of all, we want to thank you for the interest in Dr.Peydro’s clinical Cases, amazing work, courses and APP

Dr Diego has a huge commitment with all the doctors who want to learn from him. That’s why he works constantly in the improvement of the techniques that he applies in his daily basis to get the amazing results that he gets in his clinical cases.

Every day, Doctors from all over the world are attending to the In office courses, downloading The APP and attending to Master COIP, to learn what he is doing to get the results that he shows.

About the APP

The course that you will find in The APP, Inviorthopro, is focused in how to solve the most complex cases with digital orthodontics using the most advanced protocols and techniques. From the basics to the most advanced strategies, like the combination of aligners and Miniscrews.

It has been designed to provide all the protocols, techniques and Tips that Dr Diego apply to get outstanding results.

All the course is supported by different presentations where Dr. Diego explains all the process. From the diagnosis, treatment plan, modifications with the software, attachments, IPR, sequence of movements. Everything explained into detail in order to allow you to learn it in an easy way.

You will have unlimited access to the App and also you will be able to download the content in the device that you are using.

The APP is designed for Mac Devices ( Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch).

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